Schools Challenge

What is the schools challenge

The Schools Challenge is a community based initiative where schools help raise funds for the Children's Cancer Institute (CCI), increase awareness of this important cause and importantly have fun participating in an open water swim relay.

Participating schools enter teams in the schools swim relay. This can be as few as 5 teams or as many as 20 teams. Each team has four team members and they work together to raise funds for the Children's Cancer Institute.

There are three categories for the relay

  • Senior (Yr 11-12),
  • Intermediate (Yr 9-10)
  • Junior (Yr 8-6).

The Schools challenge has, to date, been a secondary school focused event but junior schools can apply to participate. However, as open water swimming can be challenging due to the variable and uncontrolled conditions it is essential that all students participating are competent swimmers and must obtain signed permission to participate, from their parent or guardian. It is important for parents/guardians to read the entry form in full as it contains important information.

Schools participating in 2017

  • Queenwood School for Girls
  • Saint Ignatius' College, Riverview
  • Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore)
  • Wenona
  • Mosman High

Program on the Day:

  • Schools challenge participants arrive at around 7:50am and need to have checked in and be ready by 8am
  • The first race starts at 8:30am with a race briefing (including safety briefing) held prior to the start of the races
  •  A prize giving is held after all the schools relay races have completed
  • The schools challenge finishes at 9:45am and students can leave or participate in the 1km event

The relay event:

  • Each team has 4 swimmers.
  • Each swimmer swims a leg of the relay that is approximately 200m.
  • Participants can swim in their school year category, or an older category

Prize giving:

  • Medals are awarded to 1st, 2nd & 3rd place teams members for each relay
  • The Charity Cup is awarded to the team that raises the most funds for the Children's Cancer Institute by 8pm on the eve of the swim.
  • The Schools Trophy will be awarded to the winning school with the most points. Points are awarded across all three events based on finishing position.


Each team participating will be provided with a fundraising page which is used to raise funds for the  Children's Cancer Institute.  The SchoolFundraiser page has an up-to-date view of the total funds raised by the schools, as well as a “leader board” showing the top fund-raising teams.

In 2016 the Schools Challenge raised almost $37,000 for this worthwhile cause so on behalf of the children who benefit from this wonderful effort we thank all of the fantastic donors and those who fundraised.

To see the top fundraiser teams or to donate money to a school team go to SchoolsFundraiser page

How to be part of the Schools Challenge

Contact us if you would like your schools to be part of the challenge in 2018.





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