Win Prizes

Just start fundraising and win prizes

  • Set up your Fundraiser personal fundraising page
  • Start raising funds by 28 February

You will be in the draw to win a prize.

Earn Free entry

  • Raise more that $200 by 8pm on 17 March 2018 as an individual

You can  earn free entry to the Balmoral Swim. 

Perennial Trophy for the highest fundraisers

The Alexander Patrick Hall trophy is awarded to both the individial swimmer and team who raise the most money for the Balmoral Swim each year. Judges will award the prize to the team and the individual who have raised the most money by 8pm on 17 March 2018. The money must be raised via the Fundraiser page to be part of the accumulated funds raised. Go to the Fundraiser  page  now to set up your own personal fundraise page.

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