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Disability swimming

Swimmers with a disability

The Balmoral Swim welcomes swimmers with a disability.

You will need to feel comfortable with swimming the course with many other swimmers around and confident that you can swim the distance without lots of rests. 

Generally the conditions at Balmoral are calm but sometimes they are not and you need to feel comfortable swimming in different conditions.

Getting there

The local area does have disabled parking along The Esplanade but parking is a premium at Balmoral, so consider getting there by taxi.

The best drop off point for the swim is outside Bathers which is near the corner of The Esplanade and Awaba street.

On the day

Swimmers will be advised of start times closer to the event day.

There is an allocated area for wheelchairs in the registration area. 

A Beach Wheelchair will be available for those who need one to cross the beach to the water’s edge. Come to the Wheel chair area and some-one will be there to assist. There will be a ramp down to the beach.

 You can join your wave either from the beach or from the water.

Companion Swimmers are welcome but please let us know when you check-in on the day. Your companion swimmer should be registered as a swimmer as well. If they have been allocated to a different wave let us know at check in and we will transfer them to your wave.

If possible advise of this before the swim so we can allocate them to your wave before the day.

More information

If you would like more information please contact us